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    We’re about transparency

    Since its creation, NAT-SPIRIT has been pursuing its mission as a pioneering brand in eco-design. Wishing to improve our impact on people and planet, we consider that ecology is not a marketing trend, but a long-term commitment. Our objective is therefore to constantly improve the quality of our products through innovative design and manufacturing processes.

    Our stable materials are safe with daily use ( suitable for hot and cold foods and liquids) and will maintain their appearance over time.

    All NAT-SPIRIT products comply with all food safety standards around the world (FDA, LFGB & REACH) and are free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury.


    Fastest Growing Plant on Earth

    Described as a biopolymer, our bamboo fiber is comprised of about half bamboo fiber, a highly renewable material, and half food-grade A5 melamine binder, which helps to extend the life of the products (a sustainable practice!). Our bamboo is responsibly-sourced and managed from its origin until production. It is 100% traceable, collected as sawdust waste from chopstick factories.

    Featuring a premium matte finish, there is no varnish, coating or paint on the surface of our products, so they’ll never fade, peel or leach harmful chemicals.

    Material Specifications:

    FSC- Certified Bamboo & 100% Food Safe Resin

    Free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates

    Premium Food Grade Silicone Parts

    Extra resistant & durable

    Indoor & Outdoor Use

    Hot & Cold Liquids max + 100ºC (210ºF) min -20ºC (-4ºF

    Dishwasher safe, Recomended Temperature max + 70ºC short or + 100ºC long cycle

    No Micro-wave, nor Oven neither Bain-Marie

    Download Material Specifications (PDF)


    Miracle component made of a combination of quartz rock and carbon at high temperatures

    Contrary to some preconceived ideas, silicone is not made of hydrocarbons or plastics but, like glass and ceramics, of silicium in the form of sand and rock. After oxygen, silicon is the second most abundant chemical element and the most important raw material for mineral materials.
    So there is no risk of shortage here !

    Our silicone collections are the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic tableware: Free of BPA, PVC or phthalates, there is no varnish, nor coating on the surface of our products.

    Therefore they will never fade, peel or leach harmful chemicals.

    Material Specifications:

    Premium food grade silicone

    Safe contact with hot/cold food & liquid

    Free of Plastic, BPA, PVC or phthalates

    Dishwasher safe, Easy to clean and stain resistant

    Perfect for Microwave and Oven up to +230ºC / 450ºF

    Freezer safe down to -50ºC / -58ºF

    Extra resistant & durable does not break if droppe

    Hippoallergenic, minimises the risk of allergies

    Download Material Specifications (PDF)


    Aesthetic appeal, durability, heat resistance and ease of cleaning, making it a versatile choice.

    Enamel – discovered as far back as over few hundreds years ago – is a material produced by fusing powdered glass to a metal substrate at high temperatures (about
    850°C). Covering steel elements with enamel protects the base material from rust and guarantees health and safety.

    Enamelware is extremely hard-wearing. It can stand being heated to fairly high temperatures and frozen too, so there’s no need to worry about it being fragile.

    Our manufacturing technique is traditional preserving methods of production that are over 100 years old.

    Material Specifications:

    Extra resistant and timeless

    Safe contact with hot/cold food & liquid

    Hygenic material

    Dishwasher safe, Easy to clean

    Not suitable for microwave use

    Freezer/ Heat safe from -50ºC to 850 ºC

    Extra durable Shutter proof

    Download Material Specifications (PDF)